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5 Domain Flipping tips to sell domains in profits

Buying and selling domain names has become a great online business for the people of today especially among domain investors. People invest in domain names in hope to sell them at high prices but often disappointed renewing them every year without making a successful sale.  Here are 5 domain flipping tips to always sell your domains in profits.

It is lucrative business and is providing many people with the profits they need. But to be able to be really successful in this field you have to know a few tricks, or else all your efforts will go to waste. Some important tricks of selling domain names in profits is given below-

1. Narrow your focus – There are millions of domains available and millions of domains to register, especially extensions like .xzy and .club coming up every day. So, if you plan on buying a domain to resell it for a profit, you should start by narrowing your focus.

Remember not to target prospective buyers based on their economic status, without knowing them well and the industry you’re targeting.

2. Look for names that offer real value – Always think how people would be happy by buying the domain in a space you are very well-known with. Look well how much profit would each such domain name provide or would you have bought this name if you were buying, before buying a domain name. 

3. Finding valuable domains – If your favorite domain names are already taken then go to the aftermarket to buy the names of your choice from people who already own the names or who let them expire because they no longer plan on using them.

You can use advanced search filters to quickly find the type of names you are interested in like .net, .com using variants like keyword, price and other factors. Using these features will help you quickly look through millions of domains on the aftermarket and get the domain names that best fit your end goals. 

4. Evaluating the price – Once you have chosen the name for your domain, Use keyword and advanced search features to see a list of names similar to yours, what they sold for, and when they sold. You look for current domain sales on venues like GoDaddy Auctions and Afternic

5. Getting your domain front and centre – There are many places where you can get your domains out in front of the people who will buy. But before that keep in mind a few things:

Choose a place that has good ratings so that you feel confident about your domain

The potential to get your domain name in front of the right buyer is what you are looking for.

Providing a distribution network such as Afternic can obtain your domain name in front of millions of potential purchasers each month which could be a great opportunity for you.

Must CheckDomain Flipping case study with Fb Ads

Thus, these are 5 best tips for domain flipping. Use them and see how easy this business becomes for you.

How I sold domains of $ 2111 with Facebook ads?

Domain flipping is never an easy business. It always requires smartness, either you are buying or selling them. I have seen many questions unanswered in forums like how to sell domains through Facebook ads, How to sell domains via Google adwords ads. So, I thought of giving it a try. The below case study is on domain flipping, which worked for me.

Is listing on portals enough to make a domain sale?

We know that listing domains on portals like Flippa, Namejet, Sedo, Namepros etc are not enough to make a sale. We need some extra mile efforts to sell domains. So, here I am sharing my experience of Domain flipping case study with facebook ads.

Domain flipping case study- How I sold of $2111 domains with Fb ads?

Billions of people use Facebook to connect with other people and use this as a platform to buy and sell their products too. When you run Facebook Ads, you get to select the type of audience based on their age, gender location etc. With Facebook ads, you target in on the type of people you want to reach out to and Facebook delivers your adverts to them.

This increases the relevancy of your ads and brings you good results. Ads on Facebook is very simple and easy for all. From Facebook Ads, people can get to know your shops location, get your app, see your videos and take other action on your website.

I tried many Facebook Placements ads and made 2 Sales which was worth $2111, the domain and other marketing budget costs me $300 only. So, I earn a profit of $1811 in two months by flipping 2 domain auctions on Flippa. The credit goes to Facebook ads which I used to get messages from buyers on my ads.

I run a ad on mobile devices, redirecting traffic to my domain names from Fb pages and finally able to get 2 sales but again Facebook ads are tricky, it is very tough to get a positive ROI from facebook ads.

With Facebook ads:

Domain flipping fb ads

You can control, the type of audience and budget you choose.
They optimize these adverts to reach people more likely to take some action.You can edit your budget or stop them at any time.

Domain Flipping Case Study with Facebook ads Story

Once a friend of mine was interested in flipping domains but he did not know how to do it or which is best place for it. Someone from his circle suggested him to take help of Facebook ads for domain flipping. He asked me, have you tried Domain flipping with facebook ads? So, finally I convinced myself to give it a trial.

When you run an ad, you’re taking part in their ad auction. So, this post would help domainers to know, how potential Facebook ads is for flipping names. This case study would surely help them.

You’ll choose a budget for your ads, which is the total amount you want to spend. Then you need to choose a bid, the amount you are willing to pay to have customers see your ads and click on it to buy what you want them to.

If you run an ad to increase the view of your product, they will serve your ads to people who are more likely to visit your website. All these suggestions helped you to start domain flipping ads on Facebook.

It’s about ads and targeting audience that matters. In no time, you will receive good offers for flipping your domains and earned around ten times, the money for which you had bought the domain. Thus, Facebook ads provide a great platform to your products so that they can reach the right audience and so that the seller may be able to get the right price for his products.

You even get to choose your own budget and it is one of the best ways to reach out to your potential customers. Thus, I used this social media platform to flip my domains for a good amount and was happy with it.

Today many people are using Facebook ads to promote and sell their products and it has become a popular means of buying and selling products. So, gone are the old methods of domain flipping and here comes the new generation way of doing it with great ease and flexibility.

It is my suggestion to never waste money on Facebook ads for normal domains.  you can share your Domain flipping experiences with Facebook ads in comments.

I hope you like article Domain Flipping Case study with Fb ads.

Why Companies buy Domain names over 10k+ USD, is it worthy?

Every business look after some unique, easy to remember, short, meaningful domain name. In this Startup edge, buying premium Domain names for startups will keep you one step ahead of your competitors. In today’s social world, everyone is connected and every business needs to build a nice platform for its customers.

What makes a domain name premium?

If you are looking to build your business around a great domain name that is meaningful and easy to remember, then you can take the help of the numerous sites available on the internet today.

How many types of Domain Investors are there?

Today domain owners fall into three categories; individuals who bought the domain for personal use, domain investors who bought the domain as an investment and companies who bought the domain to potentially use one day. The price of the domain is highly dependent on which category the domain falls into.

Why Companies buy Domain names over 10k+ USD?

The success of budding startups companies tell us that a premium domain name is the key to their success.  A premium domain is a domain that has been registered before and is ready to be sold in the market again almost like used ones but these domains value has not depreciated but in fact have appreciated over the time.

For any new entrepreneur making a budget and a timeline for their startup, should be on the lookout for a premium domain acquisition for startups.  Almost all successful startup business are built on a memorable domain brand. Start-ups may need to work with a domain broker in the planning process if they are inexperienced in this field.

The reason why start-ups should use premium domains is because they are easy to remember and have a good source of traffic or are a number of years old which make customers trust them, which helps start-ups to earn a higher ranking in the search engines.

There are sites like GoDaddy.om and Sedo.com which offer premium startup domains easily and all start-ups can make use of these domains for their success.

Most start-ups face the dilemma of choosing a memorable, meaningful and affordable name for their company. Choosing a premium domain name is no doubt the best option for these start-ups but the cost is also an issue.

But there are several platforms where they can find these premium startups domains for a little cheaper than the others and get them for the success of their business. Initially it might cost them a little but overall it would provide good traffic for their startup which would ultimately help in the success of their business.

Thus, it is advisable for all start-ups to buy premium name domains for their business as these domain names can also help them to achieve higher ranking in search engine results.

So, all start-ups always buy expensive domains. This is one of the best ways for a start up to succeed.

Where to buy premium expired domains in 2020?


Are you looking to buy Expired domains in 2020? Just like real estate agents buy land with the intention of selling them at a higher price, similarly investors in domain industry looking to buy premium expired domains. This is indeed a very lucrative business and many make thousands of dollars by buying and selling expired domain names.

For beginners in this business, it is advisable to buy expired domains. If you want to buy premium expired domains in 2020, then there are several sites which provide you with information on this.

Where to buy Dropped domains?

Snapnames and Namejet are platforms or auction places where you can buy domains which are about to drop or expire.

Most domainers place a back order to catch good domain names before they drop or expire and sometimes more than one company places such order and the domain goes to the highest bidder.

What happens when domains got expired?

Previously domain names which expired would drop, or become available for registration by anyone. People who registered a dropped domain would be the new owner. Today Domain name registrars sell domain names in auctions. If no one bids , then the domains drop and become available for anyone to register.

Purchasing any expired domain may not be as easy as getting your own domain. You can buy an expired domain by browsing through several websites. Here is a list of websites from where you can buy expired premium domains-

Where to buy premium expired domains in 2020?

Expireddomains.net – It Provides Great information of  expired domains, lot of filters which help you to pick various options. It is free place to acquire Expired domains.

FreshDrop.com – with easy search filters this is another great site for people who want expired domains. 

Name.com –  It provides great list of domain names which are expired. These domain names can be easily bought out at check out process.
DomCopoffering features like page rank,SEM Rush rank,  domain authority, page authority. This is another good place to find expired domains.
Dropping.com – It offers expired domains for webmasters, Search engine marketers, Domain Investor or  Website Owners.
NameJet –  It is one of the best and easy platform for users to select catchy domain auctions, you can also put backorder requests and manage account information.
SnapNames – Here you can do mobile shopping of domains.. It  has lot of premium auctions, domain with brokerage and daily auctions for users.
Stuckdomains.com – It requires no registration and is purely a portal for expired domains.
Expireddomainsleuth.com – Domain filtering and Domain management and  can be done easily here.
DomainPeel.com – They provide spamming free expired domain list for anyone to buy from.I hope you like reading on Buy Expired domains in 2020.