Home domain flipping Why Companies buy Domain names over 10k+ USD, is it worthy?

Why Companies buy Domain names over 10k+ USD, is it worthy?

Why Companies buy Domain names over 10k+ USD, is it worthy?

Every business look after some unique, easy to remember, short, meaningful domain name. In this Startup edge, buying premium Domain names for startups will keep you one step ahead of your competitors. In today’s social world, everyone is connected and every business needs to build a nice platform for its customers.

What makes a domain name premium?

If you are looking to build your business around a great domain name that is meaningful and easy to remember, then you can take the help of the numerous sites available on the internet today.

How many types of Domain Investors are there?

Today domain owners fall into three categories; individuals who bought the domain for personal use, domain investors who bought the domain as an investment and companies who bought the domain to potentially use one day. The price of the domain is highly dependent on which category the domain falls into.

Why Companies buy Domain names over 10k+ USD?

The success of budding startups companies tell us that a premium domain name is the key to their success.  A premium domain is a domain that has been registered before and is ready to be sold in the market again almost like used ones but these domains value has not depreciated but in fact have appreciated over the time.

For any new entrepreneur making a budget and a timeline for their startup, should be on the lookout for a premium domain acquisition for startups.  Almost all successful startup business are built on a memorable domain brand. Start-ups may need to work with a domain broker in the planning process if they are inexperienced in this field.

The reason why start-ups should use premium domains is because they are easy to remember and have a good source of traffic or are a number of years old which make customers trust them, which helps start-ups to earn a higher ranking in the search engines.

There are sites like GoDaddy.om and Sedo.com which offer premium startup domains easily and all start-ups can make use of these domains for their success.

Most start-ups face the dilemma of choosing a memorable, meaningful and affordable name for their company. Choosing a premium domain name is no doubt the best option for these start-ups but the cost is also an issue.

But there are several platforms where they can find these premium startups domains for a little cheaper than the others and get them for the success of their business. Initially it might cost them a little but overall it would provide good traffic for their startup which would ultimately help in the success of their business.

Thus, it is advisable for all start-ups to buy premium name domains for their business as these domain names can also help them to achieve higher ranking in search engine results.

So, all start-ups always buy expensive domains. This is one of the best ways for a start up to succeed.


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