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Coinolix CLX token review- Coinolix Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinolix CLX token review- Coinolix Cryptocurrency Exchange
Cryptocurrency has been drawing a huge attention from people nowadays. Many people have invested in this market and earned magnifying gains. People are always looking for investment projects that are more reliable and promising a good future. Looking at this Coinolix have prepared a team of budding professional entrepreneurs and investors to set up an all-encompassing blockchain trading platform.

What is Coinolix?

Coinolix Exchange is the first ever company to introduce its MVP before ICO sale and it is happening the first time in the history of any decentralized crypto exchange, It is the fastest exchange launching ICO.” Coinolix Cryptocurrency Exchange is a trading platform which involves trading in different top digital currencies. It is the most advanced and reliable platform for exchanging digital currencies with a high level of security thus being the safest, fastest and most reliable platforms today.

The trading industry in cryptocurrencies has been gaining popularity from past few years and proved that it is a profitable industry with different types of crypto-exchange platform. Despite numerous Platform and the technologies they apply, some platforms have not been able to convince the users. 

With the evolvement of technology and digital ecosystem, there is a need for new emerging cryptocurrencies. Also, there is the stealing of data through weak systems in the absence of strong security measures. There are also issues of protecting the crypto assets, architectural issues, liquidity, language barrier, poor customer support, and banking hurdles.
coinolix cryptocurrency exchange

All this problem gave birth to a solution Coinolix Exchange which will solve all the prevailing issues in the cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem. It employs techniques like Two-factor authentication, Encryption, and Backup, Exchange Audit, etc to ensure security. Also, the issue of poor customer support, language barrier and other problems will be dealt with. 

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Coinolix Exchange

Coinolix Exchange will run on ethereum blockchain as ECR20 token supporting ethereum wallet.

· CLX will supply total of 1,000,000,000 of token

· The number of CLX coin distributed during ICO is 500,000,000 CLX

It gives you best user interface with higher performance. Coinolix market is following the strategy of maintaining all the assets reserve in one place which is not available on any computer or the internet server to secure users fund exchange wallet.

Features of Coinolix Exchange

1) Fast and String Trading Process

It has the capacity of handling around 1 million trade requests per second. Coinolix Trading engine is capable of managing thousands of requests within no time. Coinolix has the most strong and efficient trading engine that is far more better platform than other competitors.

2) Independent Platform

Business freedom is the major key which people looks for in any business platform. Coinolix offers business freedom by offering different trading markets. Different popular trading markets include spot marketing trading, margin trading, future market trades and more.

3) Exchange Aids to Popular Coins
Coinolix offers an exchange of top different coins. It can be used for exchange with leading coins like ETH, BTC, XRP, DASH, NEO (ANS), LTC, USDC (USD pegged Coinolix Coin) and CLX (Coinolix Coin). These coins have great market name and presence, client base, liquidity flow and validity in the market world.

4) Independency in Platform

Coinolix offers people trading in different coins with the devices working on any platforms such as PCs (Windows, Linux, Mac ), Android, iOS, browser and REST API. Colonix offers separate applications for all mentioned platforms.

5) Multiple Sources Revenue

Coinolix in not dependent on one revenue source. It uses different ways to generate income not only for the platform but also for the users. Coin listing fee, withdrawal fee, margin fee, trading fee are some steps which generate income for the source and hence strengthens coin.

6) Customer Support

Coinolix has been best at giving Customer Support. They don’t only provide a pre-designed user guide but a dedicated team of agents depending upon queries is provided. Coinolix has made the trading process easier by providing guidelines of rules and regulations throughout the process.

7) Security

On any trading platform, it is the main feature any user will look for. Coinolix exchange gives special attention to provide a secure platform from any of the physical or virtual attack, hack or unauthorized success. Safety measures taken by Coinolix not only secures the platform but also safeguard user data that includes DDoS protection, Encryption and backup, Exchange audit and two-factor authentication.

8) Token Details

· Symbol of Token used: CLX

· Token name used: Coinolix Token

· Platform used: Ethereum Blockchain

· Type of Token: ERC-20

· Total supply: 1 Billion CLX

· Acceptable currencies: BTC, ETH

· Exchange Symbol: CLX

· Country of Incorporation: Estonia

· Coinolix Whitepaper

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