Home Blockchain ACLYD review- Security system and payment processing platform

ACLYD review- Security system and payment processing platform

ACLYD review- Security system and payment processing platform
The Aclyd project is a block-chain based identity verification/security system and payment processing platform that is initially focused on the $26 billion dollar wholesale alcoholic beverages market.

What is the Aclyd project?

The Aclyd project is the solution for peer to peer payment, trade for beverage regarding alcohol and transaction by utilizing token Aclyd. It is a contract system built on block-chain. Aclyd offers a block-chain based identity verification, security system and payment processing platform. It is mainly focused on beverages market, which is currently $26 billion dollar.

The huge section of the spirits and wine industry is the delivery of alcohol to its customer. Aclyd is helpful by bringing alcoholic beverages from the various fields to your own doorstep using modern payment system.

Existing Problem in system –

• The first problem is, minors are not permitted to buy alcohol and online delivery ensures that they do not sell goods, underage people.

• Expensive processing and long delay of payment is the huge drawback of this industry is the second problem.

• The third problem is the lack of price details and failure to forward contracts to costly supply series in craft beer.


There is more solution to these problems. The platform gives developers the ability to make contracts for future delivery. It makes them empower with full price details and make decisions.

We all agree that when cryptocurrency was introduced, it was very unusable but by the end of 2017, the market was worth 1 trillion dollars. Block-chain technology built it possible to make peer-to-peer transaction without any financial institute. Before producing lack-chain, people had to go bank for transaction. In the block-chain structure, there are still some problems like bitcoin. Some problems consist of-

• High transaction time to confirmation

• High transaction fee

• High use for mining

For more information, you can visit ACLYD website

The security feature of Aclyd platform –

1. KYC feature

This allows you to know your customer application, which will be responsible identification and age verification of individual interested to create Aclyd account. This platform in-turn channels the beverages of alcohol to remove the stress of re-verification and right set of peoples.

2. Wallet feature

This platform is helpful to meet up the standard how technology is developing day by day. This digital wallet is used efficiently when combined with the DApp given by the platform.

3. Smart contract feature
This feature is completed possibly with the block-chain that powers the conception of contracts can be created with by developers using mobile for quick and simple payment process.

4. Fast-track processing

All payment processes are faster for all persons accountable for the production of alcoholic beverages as well as the quick getting of these drinks by the customer. This is an admirable feature to upgrade transaction rate and speed. This is very useful as slow transaction speed is eliminated.

The Aclyd platform framework

1. The Aclyd wallet and DApp

To obtain the goal of distribution of alcoholic beverages, the Aclyd is going to undertake the production of wallet security wherein tokens may be stored. These wallets are provided to initiate online alcohol sales down to doorstep of the customer. The capacity of pockets makes a cozy distribution system to the platform. The customer that passes the age limit of consumption of alcohol can now be issued with Aclyd tokens.

2. Contracts for steady price valuation

The Mexican generating owners of the alcohol have continually used a gain of the instability in the market price. This is the reason of unnecessary charge, leaving Vendors Mountain to climb to get a real valuation. This disrupts the market go with the flow of products.

The ACLYD token –

1. Token name – ACLYD

2. Early sale privately (USD) – $192,500

3. Soft cap (USD) – $500,000

4. Hard cap (USD) – $10,202,500

5. The preferred method of payment – ETH, BTC, LTC

6. ACLYD whitepaper

The Aclyd distribution execution –

The Aclyd platform is responsible to install the alcohol customer courting with the tequila alcoholic beverage corporation. This platform wants to get the supply waft thru the mid-market supplier of the alcoholic content. The contractors of this chain are US based while their providers are Mexican. The Aclyd tokens and pockets are utilized in this running manner to make sure easy sale operation. The suppliers of Aclyd are not needed to put into effect the usage of tokens at the time of event contracting.

Wallet DApp with the feature-

1. Easy setup of wallet black-chain

2. Automated token purchase within the buying process

3. Retailers receive payment quickly in Aclyd token

4. The product can be bought using the payment method

The delivery of alcohol has doubled the growth to 32% for the door-to-door services. We are planning to expand the usage of this token throughout the $26 billion wholesale industry.


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