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Atlas Rising Reviews–Investing in emerging Crypto projects

Atlas Rising Reviews–Investing in emerging Crypto projects

In this thriving digital economy, the exchange of money has taken a leap from physical to the virtual concept. The emergence of cryptocurrency, a digital asset and currency designed to work as a medium of exchange through highly advanced techniques known as cryptography. The legal acceptance of cryptocurrencies varies from country to country and is still undefined and uncertain in some parts of the world. 

The users can make secure payments and store money without using their names or going to the bank. With the help of cryptography, a ledger in the form database called a blockchain. It is created to record and secure transactions, control the creation of additional coins and verify the transfer of coin ownership.

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency which, makes it easy to make international payments anonymously as they are not tied to any country or subject to any regulation. This decentralized currency is free from government manipulation or interference. The flip side is that there is no central authority to ensure the smooth functioning of these things.

Cryptocurrency follows “the greater fool” theory of investment. As the value may go up but, like real currencies, it has no cash flow. So, someone else has to pay more than us for the currency. We need to choose the niche currency, choose cryptocurrency exchange of that country, select the method of payment and pay a fee.

Lastly, create a trading account, connect to the listed mode of payment and place the order. Cryptocurrency mining is the process in which transactions between users are verified and added into the blockchain public ledger. Bitcoin mining is based on a consensus algorithm called Proof of Work.

Atlas Rising Reviews- Investing in emerging Crypto projects

Atlas Rising is much like a mutual fund and also utilizing alternative energy wherein people from different walks of life can invest in their sustainable future. Atlas Rising has access to an 85,000 square foot warehouse which has ample rooftop space that can support several thousand solar panels.

The estimated wattage that can be achieved is approximately 2,400,000 watts. Atlas Rising will create a scenario which will benefit the investors by putting the odds in their favour. There are no utopian projections, products to be developed or to sell, financial forecast, legal acceptance never met.

They are targeting energies and cryptocurrency to generate passive income and acquire potential assets. Then lock and stake the assets. Atlas Rising will allocate the first 80 percent in assets to the following areas, mainstream and emerging growth crypto currencies, Master Nodes, Staking coins, Mining, Solar crypto mining and Crypto Arbitrage trading.

These lock assets will be the driving force for the Atlas Rising Tokens. The last 20% will be allocated for solar mining, and these assets will be distributed as BTC dividends base on the percentage of ownership of Risings. The increase in the Atlas Rising Tokens are resultant from the rise in the value of underlying assets.

I believe supply fo atlas rising token is 500,000,000

Atlas Rising Reviews


Cryptocurrency is the talk of the town, and future investments are fruitful in this field. People are dubious when it comes to trade or invest in cryptocurrency. Though it has been around for a relatively short period, albeit, it is proven to be the most beneficial investment as it has incredible returns.  2008 stock market crash was the advent of cryptocurrencies, so it is a safer alternative being an independent element.

High liquidity is another attractive characteristic, and the technological organization of trading platforms allows the use of a wide variety of tools and tactics, such as limit-orders (automated buying and selling at a specified price) and algorithm-based trading.

It is perfect since they are peer to peer and of independent nature. Atlas Rising will be the future of the world currencies forever, and like a genie, it can never be put in a bottle.

Reference Link

Website – https://atlasrising.io/

White paper – https://atlasrising.io/AtlasRising.pdf

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